Cross Winds:

Adventure AND ENTERPRENEURSHIP IN THE Russian far east

An Amazon #1 International Bestseller!


“‘The chances are high that you won’t survive.’ I love this story! Fasten your seatbelt for a wild ride!”

David Alan Arnold 

Helicopter / Cameraman / Deadliest CatchBering Sea Gold / SURVIVOR


“CROSSWINDS tells the true, high-flying, epic adventure story of discovery and courage. I couldn’t put the book down.”

John Kelly

Detroit Free Press


       “The strong writing skills of the author brings a sense of credible immediacy to this true saga the clash of two vastly different cultures – American and Russian. The added espionage and intrigue becomes cinematic! This book is an immediate fixture in the genre of Russo-American relations. Very highly recommended!”

Grady Harp

Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

“Steven Myers took my breath away with his tale of flying an airplane into Russia after the Cold War. Being only the second person to do so, his exceptional experiences make for an intriguing read.”

Kimberly Love


You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine


“Planes, Russians, Vodka… what could go wrong! Steve Myers account of his entrepreneurial and aviation jaunt in Kamchatka underscore the saying, ‘There’s no easy way to make a buck in Russia.”

Mike Ball

Erma Bombeck Award-Winning Author


“Steven Meyer’s ability to face adversity with courage while discovering his inner strength led him to go on to live a remarkable life, making him the man he is today. Highly recommended!!” 

Susan Keefe

Midwest Book Review


“A breathtaking ride into the remote Russian Kamchatka peninsula, and the clash of two cultures in a riveting exploration of entrepreneurship at its riskiest. This book will transform the way you think.”  

Pamela Gossiaux

International Bestselling Author of Ordinary Girl

“A business treatise and study of entrepreneurship. An adventure story. A geopolitical analysis. Steve Myers’ book is all these and more. Replete with characters straight out of central casting. Heroes and villains, exotic locations, courage and daring, this book is certain to capture the imagination of readers as diverse as the characters that dot the landscape of this captivating, informative, and highly memorable tale–and every word is true!”

Dr. Jerry Green

President & CEO, The Pacific Council on International Policy

“Steve Myers has imagined the unbelievable, achieved the unthinkable and built a business that was unstoppable–until the Russian mob intervened to give him the story of a lifetime. That he returned to share his adventure and illuminate the path for future explorers and entrepreneurs is a gift to us all.”

Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld

Former President & CEO, Truman National Security Project

“Steve Myers illustrates the vision, courage and determination needed to achieve truly remarkable accomplishments–and takes the reader along for a very exciting ride.”

Gregory Brown, MD

CEO, Memgen Biosciences, Inc