Newsweek today quoted Steven Myers in the article about Ukraine War

The Ukraine/Russia Conflict: What You Need to Know.

Steven Myers understands the causes and effects of the escalating tensions in the Ukraine/Russia conflict, and how the conflict can be resolved peacefully through mediation, before this “small” war turns into a much bigger war to everyone’s regret. 
As a two time US Air Force Cold War warrior during the Soviet era, and later as the founder of one of the first post Soviet joint business ventures in Russia, Steven Myers brings first-hand knowledge of the region and countries headlining the news today.  With a unique understanding of Russia’s history, culture, leadership, and people, he documented his story in his extraordinary bestselling memoir Cross Winds: Adventure & Entrepreneurship in the Russian Far East.   
Steven Myers is a four time serial entrepreneur, founder and former Chairman & CEO of a very successful, publicly traded aerospace & defense management consulting company.  His extensive domain background in national security and aerospace & defense matters, and leadership roles on many of our nation’s most vital national security programs provide him with a unique understanding of our nation’s national security posture. He served as a technical advisor to the Obama Administration, and served on the US Department of State Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy for three terms under two Secretaries of State:  Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.  He served as one of the working group leaders of a major cyber security Department of Homeland Security inter-agency task force, and briefed then DHS Secretary, Janet Napolitano on task force recommendations, all of which were accepted.  As a member of a dozen factfinding NGO delegations, he’s traveled all over the world meeting with government dignitaries, US embassy staff and foreign ambassadors in many countries.