Founder, President & CEO

  • Invests in and takes an active role in companies with innovative business strategies. Successful ventures include:
    • Hotels and Apartment Complexes
    • Bio-Sciences
    • Cyber Security
    • Business jet management
    • Distressed debt portfolio management
  • Works with management teams to improve operational and strategic effectiveness
  • Provides expertise in business assessment, valuation, due diligence, and mergers/acquisitions negotiations and board governance


Founder, Chairman, President & CEO

  • Led the company for 25 years to become the world’s leading provider of competition management services to the Aerospace & Defense, IT, and Telecommunication Industries
  • Introduced industry-changing innovations in how to compete successfully for US Government and international governments programs
  • Consulted to and negotiated international business agreements in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Kuwait, Korea, Australia, and Russia
  • Managed over 1,200 competitive proposals worth $360 billion for industry top-tier clients Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, BAE, and Accenture to the Dept of Defense, NSA, NRO, CIA, NASA, FAA, DHS and other Federal agencies. Notable major programs include:
    • Joint Strike Fighter
    • Future Combat Systems
    • Global Missile Defense
    • Space-based Infrared System
    • Theater High-Altitude Area Defense
    • Tomahawk Cruise Missile
    • Space Shuttle Advanced Solid Rocket Motor
    • International Space Station
    • Milstar
  • Led highly successful Initial Public Offering in 1998
  • Grew the company to 800 employees and $110 million in revenues
  • Company sold to private equity investors in 2008


Founder, Chairman, President & CEO

  • Created one of the first post Cold War Russian/American joint ventures
  • The first American since Charles Lindbergh (1931) to pilot an aircraft into the Russian Far-East and down the Kamchatka Peninsula (1992) by special approval of the Russian Federation Foreign Minister Andrey Kozyrev. Watch the video here.
  • Conducted extensive negotiations with Russian aviation leadership in Moscow and Kamchatkan government authorities
  • Converted the Russian military airbase at Petropavlovsk into the preferred refueling stop for international cargo carriers
  • Refueled hundreds of wide body cargo aircraft
  • Gave expert testimony before the United States House Committee on Government Operations on conducting business in Russia